SAME DAY FUNDING – Your funds are deposited into your account in 3 hours, not the next day!

Imd [imerchant direct] merchant services is A leader in the credit card processing industry. We have a full range of services that will have you accepting credit cards and other non-cash payments fast. Our simple solutions will get your merchant account approved in as little as one day.

We can do a side by side comparison and show you exactly how much money you are overpaying and how much money we will save each month by switching to imd. Here some of the ways that you are paying more because of a middle man:

  • fact: Banks don’t process payments. Most people think the obvious place to sign up their merchant services is to go where their company banks…
  • resolution: Actually banks are just a middle man selling imd [type] services. Your money can be deposited into any bank because that is all your bank does. Imd is the source allowing you the best price.
  • fact: The majority of the people calling you are selling someone else services (there is no way someone who is selling someone’s services can give you a better rate.)
  • resolution: imd is not a reseller we are a true provider. Imd is the source allowing you the best price; lower risk – middle men = more profit